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Our main goal is to work with makers, inventors, small businesses to provide a set of services commonly only found with large companies. These services range from printed circuit board design and manufacturing through our CNC milling processes and soon to be through our experimental UV systems. computer numerically controlled milling services of wood, plastics, foams, and some soft metals such as aluminum. Also our ability to write software through open source languages such as Python, Perl, PHP and others make it possible for us to write solutions that not only support a hardware device from the bottom up but provide flexibility in the ever changing world of software. Our primary goal is to provide solutions from start to finish for your prototyping needs. We are currently not setup for large scale manufacturing. think of us as a “proof of concept” kind of company. Our services being as broad as explained, will expand as capabilities arrive and we plan to provide other services such as business intelligence, Big data processing and statistical analysis, as well as into the physical world such as 3D scanning and Laser based etching and cutting. We want to be on the bleeding edge but NEVER sacrificing the little guy, which is the whole heart and reason for our existence. This company was founded by people that truly had the brain child of “what if I did this..” and in realizing how difficult it was to source something especially a single run, developed this company. We hope to provide you with a solution to your problems!